Mansion High School

An integral academic accommodation at Mansion High School is a small, supportive classroom environment with a 10:2 student-to-staff ratio. Providing a small classroom setting is important to our academic programming. This allows staff to address the individual needs of all students as outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Classroom staff is comprised of a Learning Behavioral Specialist and a Social Worker/Counselor.

Students are enrolled in high school courses, and the curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Teachers utilize differentiated instruction within the classroom, allowing them to tailor lessons to meet each learner’s individual needs. This approach allows students to experience academic achievements and acquire the skills necessary to be successful in the future.

Mansion High School is licensed by the Illinois State Board of Education. Credits issued by Mansion High School are recognized by all secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.

An essential part of our success is the therapeutic curriculum. All Mansion High School students are assigned to peer groups, which they remain in throughout the entire day, including academic classes, physical education and lunch. This creates a strong sense of community and enables students to help each other cope immediately with problems that may arise during the course of the day. Groups average 10 students, and daily, 60-minute, formal group sessions are conducted by a Master’s level therapist.

In addition, the Mansion High School Clinical Team offers an array of family support services, including parent support groups, family counsel-ing, referral information for community support and transition services for graduating seniors.

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Little Friends' School Programs Bullying Policy

At Little Friends' School Programs, student safety is our first priority.  We recognize that a safe learning environment is essential to help each of our students succeed.  All of our schools have a zero tolerance for bullying or cyber-bullying behavior of any kind.  Our bullying policy for each of our schools can be found below, with specific details regarding the definition of bullying and how any complaints of bullying will be addressed.