The most powerful social lessons aren’t taught. They’re experienced through lasting friendships. With our Social Skills Groups, your child will learn critical skills like eye contact, conversation and more. A licensed clinical counselor and social worker will guide clients as they learn the skills of a community member and develop meaningful relationships for life.

Participants develop the following skills:

  • Eye contact

  • Greetings

  • Perspective Taking

  • Conversation

  • Turn Taking

  • Respect

  • Game Playing

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Our Stories…

“Thank you for arranging the Teen Scene Program for our son Phillip this summer. He enjoyed the program and wouldn’t mind if it continued.  The signup and interview beforehand gave all a great idea what to expect, in a compassionate environment.


The life skills he was taught including cooking, shopping, home cares were great and carried over after the program.  He was excited to demonstrate what he did in class.   He showed new initiative, even insisted he wash my car one evening (and did a good job).  Our son needs structured instruction, and this program was a home run.  Phillip was more interactive afterwards and actually said was the best activity of the summer.  He did make a friend in class.

This is an outstanding program and we are grateful it was available for our son.  We hope it continues and is available to other families.”

Sean, Parent