Speech and Occupational Therapy

Communication, social language, sensory regulation and body awareness are very important. Skilled therapist will develop a plan and goals to meet your child’s unique needs.

Building language and speech through therapy targets:

  • Vocabulary Skills

  • Receptive Language & Following Directions

  • Expressive Language & Answering Questions

  • Picture Exchange Communication System-PECS

Our Stories…


“We’ve seen a lot of great progress this year. The conversational speech is unbelievable. She engages, even with strangers. She will answer their questions. She will follow up with natural, original questions and it’s really nice to see. When you see your child come out of their shell a little bit, and you see what you know is going on in their head, it’s like oh my gosh. There is it. I knew it! . You’re so much more hopeful for all the things you know that they can achieve.”

Francesca, Mom of Olivia