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Little Friends Announces “Summer Teen Scene Life Skills Program”

Many individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities have the ability to master life skills and community skills, yet many never do. To this end, a unique opportunity to teach and enhance the lives of individuals has been made possible through the generosity of the Driskill Foundation. Because of this grant, Little Friends will offer a two week program for children with autism, entering grades 7 through 9 and who are reading at 3rd grade level and above.

The two week program will be held Monday through Friday July 23rd through August 3rd at Little Friends’ Main Campus, located at 140 N. Wright St. in Naperville and will cost $75.00 per student.

We are proud to offer the first of its kind “Teen Scene Life Skills Program”.  We teach independence; a skill has to be broken down into steps and taught systematically. This program will take 2 weeks to teach a core set of life and community skills to students with the goal of partial to full independence. As implemented, it will give students the confidence to do more, and the parents the encouragement to see what their children can do. Some students will need more supports than others but most individuals can master grooming, chores, basic cooking, budgeting, shopping and participating in activities like bowling, movies, and dining out.

Get all program details by clicking here <insert link>. To apply for this program, please contact Joe Quinlan at or Gale at 630-305-4196.