Additional Stories

Little Friends is a lifespan program serving children, adolescents and adults. In addition, Little Friends is multi-modal, offering center-based, school-based and community-based services so as to meet the individual needs of all who come to Little Friends for care.

Little Friends is a reliable and valuable community resource for individuals and families facing the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Little Friends Autism Program provides a full spectrum of evidenced-based services. They have completed hundreds of evaluations using the gold-standard instruments in the field; the ADI and the ADOS. They also provide other diagnostic services for individuals with cognitive impairment and learning problems, as well as other co-morbid psychopathology. The team has the capacity to provide structured behavioral assessments. Then, based on these comprehensive assessments, the Little Friends team develops individualized treatment plans that include both services at Little Friends, schools, home and in the community. Among the treatment services are individual and group social skills training, speech and language therapy, and behavior therapy, including ABA.

With Little Friends extensive experience, they have also been able to develop special training programs for parents and professionals. More than a thousand individuals have benefitted from these services, allowing them to return to their communities and their homes to provide services and extend the reach of the Little Friends programs.

Bennett L. Leventhal, MD
Department of Psychiatry
Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute
University of California San Francisco

The parent training I received at PIP (now Parent Toddler Social Groups) has been the foundation for the way I’ve been teaching my children social skills and communication for the past decade. PIP allowed us both to learn together in a fun and structured learning environment with really knowledgeable professionals, that we both looked forward to seeing multiple days of the week.  I so appreciated the parent support that PIP staff provided.....being able to learn alongside other parents with children with special needs was a great comfort. 

Aimee P., Parent


Thank you for arranging the Teen Scene Program for our son Phillip this summer.

He enjoyed the program and wouldn’t mind if it continued.  The signup and interview beforehand gave all a great idea what to expect, in a compassionate environment.

The life skills he was taught including cooking, shopping, home cares were great and carried over after the program.  He was excited to demonstrate what he did in class.   He showed new initiative, even insisted he wash my car one evening (and did a good job). 

Our son needs structured instruction, and this program was a home run.  Phillip was more interactive afterwards and actually said was the best activity of the summer.  He did make a friend in class.

This is an outstanding program and we are grateful it was available for our son.  We hope it continues and is available to other families.

Sean Adams, Parent