Everyone at Little Friends is deeply saddened by the recent passing of Dan Casey. 

Dan’s longtime support of Little Friends will be genuinely missed, whether it be his comforting hello to staff members as he dropped by the office, his big smile cheering on bidders at our annual auction, or his leadership at a Board of Directors meeting. 

For over 15 years, Dan Casey was a notable champion of our organization, understanding the importance of being a member of a community. Dan’s generosity to Little Friends was seen in ways both big and small. 

He opened his business, giving employment opportunities to those we serve, and encouraged customers at Casey’s Foods to better understand our work and its impact on so many families.

He advocated furthering our work on behalf of those with autism and other disabilities, using his long-time and far-reaching relationships to underwrite much-needed fundraising events, from concerts to parades to dinners and everything in between.

Dan understood the enormity of the needs families face to provide services for their loved ones, and he encouraged our organization to strive to meet those growing needs.

Little Friends will continue Dan’s legacy of gentle generosity as we carry on our work of inclusion and acceptance of all in our community. We will remember with fondness Dan’s support of our mission and continue in his honor, through your memorials, the work to make him proud.

While Dan will be missed by so many, the lives he touched will remember the good he brought to our community. He was a champion in every sense of the word, and Little Friends was fortunate to have him touch our lives. Dan was our good friend, and we celebrate his impact on others!