Since 2021, we have changed our approach to autism education across social media during the month of April. Instead of raising awareness, we are now focused on promoting acceptance. We invite you to join us to learn more, as Little Friends has been a trusted resource in supporting those with autism and other developmental disabilities for nearly 60 years.

Raising awareness is not enough; we need to take the next step and work towards creating a truly inclusive and community-driven society by accepting those with autism. Little Friends is focused on promoting Autism Acceptance and bringing about positive change through enhanced services, including therapies, education, vocational training, and residential opportunities.

Significant advancements in the field of autism have resulted in more understanding, earlier diagnoses, and expanded services. But amidst these advances, basic facts about autism remain. In an effort to promote neurodiversity and recognize the valuable contributions of everyone in our community, we aim to use this month as an opportunity to educate and raise acceptance.

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