Little Friends is launching the Connecting Adults with Communities (CAC) Program to address the need for supporting neurodiverse young adults in bridging the gap between educational services and post-secondary integrated employment. The program aims to prepare individuals for competitive employment within underrepresented sectors.

It is estimated that within the next decade, 500,000 neurodiverse teenagers with autism will become adults, requiring them to meet social norms and join the workforce. To improve their employability skills and gain overall personal independence, it is crucial to aid the neurodiverse population in their competitive integrated employment. Through the CAC program, young adults with a formal diagnosis that falls into the category of neurodiverse, who have obtained a high school diploma, certificate, or equivalent, and are ready for post-high school experience, will gain the necessary skills to secure and maintain meaningful work within their communities. Ultimately, CAC will allow opportunities for neurodiverse young adults to seek personal independence and increase their quality of life.

The Connecting Adults with Communities program will offer individualized assessment, career exploration, employment planning, skills development training, experiential learning, and on-the-job training to young adults who desire to work competitively in the community and are interested in maintaining a job.

Stay tuned for more programming and enrollment information regarding Little Friends’ Connecting Adults with Communities program in 2024!