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Krejci Academy

Krejci Academy

Krejci Academy is a multi-faceted educational program serving students, ages 3 to 21, who have autism or other emotional, behavioral or developmental disabilities. School is in session at Krejci Academy five days a week from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and currently serves students from over 50 different school districts.  We are accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Krejci Academy offers a therapeutic environment where healthy self-image, positive social relationships and cognitive and academic growth are promoted. Language development, independent living skills, work-related skills and community integration are other important aspects of the program.

Students at Krejci Academy benefit from individualized therapies, small class sizes and high staff-to-student ratios. Krejci Academy provides an educational program that will maximize students’ abilities and prepare them for a more independent setting as well as education and support for families of students enrolled at the school. Family Support Services, including parent groups and sibling support groups, are also available at Krejci Academy.

boy on sports field

I love my school

“I love my school because I have great teachers and friends.”

person standing near artwork

I like to socialize and laugh

“I like to socialize and laugh with my friends every day.”

happy person smiling

Little Friends staff are remarkable people

“As parents, we feel truly thankful and blessed for the opportunities that Little Friends has provided and offered.  Little Friends staff are remarkable people who are dedicated to what they do and those they serve.”

girl on swing set smiling

Good times with friends and people who care

“For my son, this has not been just a school but the place where he spends good times with friends and people who care about him.”

person reading

How grateful we are

“How grateful we are to all the angels who work with our son at Little Friends. This is his home.”

smiling boy

Krejci means so much to Us

“Krejci means so much to us because it’s been the one place that has truly helped my child excel and grow; the place that he is not judged or made to feel different but accepted. I am so appreciative of the patience, care, and hard work from all the Krejci staff.”

child sitting on bench

Positive Impact on our Family

“Respite has had such a positive impact on our family. We love that our kids can socialize with other families that share our similarities. It gives me comfort knowing he is in good hands”