The creation of a true campus where those with autism and other developmental disabilities, from toddlers to adults, can turn for support and care; training and instruction has been made a reality with Little Friends’ purchase of the 62,000 SF building at 27545 Diehl Road in Warrenville. Located just east of the agency’s current 74,000 square foot facility, made home to Little Friends educational and therapeutic programs in 2020, the organization will develop this new property to become the site for the agency’s adult day program and future young adult training model. 

Little Friends’ current adult day program serving over 100 individuals daily is located on Wisconsin Avenue in Downers Grove.  This program will be reimagined and moved to the Diehl Road campus in anticipation of the sale of that building.  From this new location, enhanced vocational training, job opportunities, and supported employment services will be provided to those with developmental disabilities.

“This new home for our adult services programming will not only address the needs of those we currently serve but will expand and introduce new job training and development support services for younger adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism,” stated Little Friends President and CEO Mike Briggs.  “We are excited about the potential and the opportunity to support individuals who want to work and find personal value in being employed.”

Little Friends investment in creating this comprehensive 14-acre campus underscores the agency’s commitment to its mission of empowering people of all ages experiencing autism, intellectual and emotional disabilities, and their families to live, learn, work and thrive in their communities. “We are delighted to bring the entire Little Friends organization to one campus.  The addition of this building will provide a foundation to help us maintain support to those we serve today, and, with the extra capacity, those we will serve in the future,” said Tom Connors, Chairman, Little Friends Board of Directors.

Work has begun to renovate the space with plans to move users of services later this year.