Since 1970 when Little Friends original school program merged with a locally run volunteer group providing work activities for adults, a primary focus of our mission has been to offer adults with disabilities opportunities to help them develop essential life skills and secure meaningful employment.

Our current Adult Day Program fosters an environment that promotes independence, creative thought and expression, and personal development related to working with employers and the community. Paid work options provide specific job skills in addition to developing an understanding of appropriate work habits, attitudes, behaviors, and social skills required by community employers.  Through integrated community employment, our vocational coaches support those we serve, training and guiding them through job tasks and workplace situations. 

As we look forward to support young adults preparing for their futures, we have broadened our focus to assist transition students in exploring job options through our current educational programming and that planned for our new facility for adult services. Seeing the impact these programs have made on the lives of those we serve underscores our commitment to continually improving how we can help our community.